Annual Lecture 2015

This year’s lecture will be on 19th November at 5pm at Dr Williams’s Library, preceded by the AGM at 3.45 pm and tea at 4.30 pm.  The lecturer is Dr Peter Humphreys.   The subject of his lecture will be Congregationalism in Ireland – more specifically Dublin Congregationalism: the rise and demise of a dissenting tradition.

Rev Dr Peter Humphreys is a graduate of the Universities of Liverpool, Reading, University College London and University of Wales: Lampeter.  He worked for 35 years on applied socio-economic research issues, as Senior Researcher and Research Director for British and Irish governments at Queens University Belfast, the Equal Opportunities Commission (Manchester) and the Institute of Public Administration (University College Dublin).  He has worked also for the European Union (Brussels), the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and United Nations (New York and Geneva).

Since retirement, he has qualified in Theology and Church History, at the University of Wales: Lampeter, which he teaches for the Congregational Federation and University of Winchester.  The recent research he has undertaken, and which is currently being further analysed, focuses on the rise and demise of Congregationalism in Ireland.  It is this research that he will principally call upon for the 2015 Congregational Lecture.