The following are in print:


1987 R.Tudur Jones John Robinson (1576-1625): His Vision of Church Society
1988 Colin Gunton The Transcendent Lord: The Spirit and the Church in Calvinist and Cappadocian
1989 Janet Wootton Dissent B.C.: The Old Testament’s Untold Story
1990 Peter C. Jupp From Dust to Ashes: The Replacement of Burial by Cremation in England 1840-1867
1991 Alan P. F. Sell Rhetoric and Reality: Theological Reflections upon Congregationalism and its Heirs
1992 John Creasey The Congregational Library
1993 Alan Tovey Whatever happened to the Separatists? A Commemoration of the Martyrdom of Barrow, Greenwood and Penry, 1593
1994 John Travell The Necessity of God: The Message and Ministry of Leslie D. Weatherhead
1995 Barrie D. Scopes “Fire in the Belly”: Motivation for Mission in the LMS/CWM over Two Centuries
1996 Clyde Binfield A Congregational Formation: An Edwardian Prime Minister’s Victorian Education
1997 Susan Durber A Prodigal Daughter “Posting” the Bible: Post Structuralism and the Parables
1998 David Hilborn “The Words of our Lips”: Language-use in Free Church Worship
1999 Alan Argent Isaac Watts: Poet, Thinker, Pastor
2000 R. J. McKelvey Recovering the Book of Revelation
2001 Paul Blackham Thomas Goodwin: Word and Spirit
2002 David Thompson The Decline of Congregationalism in the Twentieth-Century
2003 Kirsty Thorpe Daughters of Dissent
2004 M Stewart Independency of the Mind in Early Dissent
2005 C Van Dixhoorn A Day at the Westminster Assembly: Justification and the Minutes of a Post-Reformation Synod
2006 Keith Robbins Foreign Encounters: English Congregationalism, Germany and the United States c.1850-c.1914
2007 Robert Pope Emerging Church: Congregation or Aberration?
2008 Elaine Kaye “A Way of Gospel Obedience”: The Church Meeting in Congregational Tradition and Practice
2009 Stephen Orchard Congregationalism and Catholicity
2010 John Briggs Two Congregational Denominations: Baptist and P├Ždobaptist
2011 Janet Wootton Hymnody: a Sung Theology that Changed the World
2012 John Coffey Brethren or Sectaries? Richard Baxter on the Congregationalists
2013 Neil Allison ‘The Spirit of Cromwell': Nonconformists Chaplains’ War Ministry and Experience (1914-1918)
2014 David Ceri Jones George Whitefield and the Revival of Calvinism in Eighteenth-Century Britain

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