Lesser-known women

Women’s Studies – Manuscripts relating to lesser-known figures (anonymous or hitherto neglected)


An anonymous manuscript of the late seventeenth or eighteenth century, containing extracts from the diary of Owen Stockton, of Colchester; together with a transcript of the memoir of Phoebe Priestley, née Hoyle (d. 1674) (a friend of Oliver Heywood of Northowram), written by her husband Jonathan Priestley, and containing the portion missing from the original manuscript as published by Mark Pearson in his Northowram (1898).

An anonymous manuscript, “Some Imperfect Notes on Various and Differing Subjects”, begun 1713, and including the sayings of Mrs Anne Dagnal (fl. or d. 1707).

A Journal kept in the years 1693-1700 and 1708-12, recording the spiritual life of the author (apparently a woman of Edinburgh), and including numerous brief accounts of sermons and lectures heard by her.

Hannah Rimer, “Sermons Preach’d at our Church, at the Kingsweigh House in East cheap” and other places, 1745-58.

Madalina Clunes and others, “Miss Madalina Clunes her Music Book”, manuscript of the mid-eighteenth century, containing music for song and dance, much of it Scotch.

A commonplace book, begun in 1752, written in several hands, and including “A particular account of the life and death of Voltaire” (François-Marie Arouet, 1694-1778), translated by an anonymous female from the French original of a Roman Catholic priest.

“A Short Account of the Life of Mrs: Mary Churchman” (a Cambridgeshire Nonconformist), transcribed 1758.

Memoir of John Cook (1740/1-1789), a deaf and dumb man of Bristol, written for Dr John Rippon (1751-1836) by Mrs M. Jackson, also of Bristol.

Mary Sasbey, Autobiography, 1790s.

George W. Banks, Copies of local and family documents, 1900-45, including Elizabeth (Lewis) Banks, Diary for 1835; and Emma Jane (Lewis) Banks, Reminiscences.

Katharine D. Tilleard, Music for dance and song, partly composed by her, c. 1840.

Henrietta Croker, commonplace book of prose and verse, much of the Hypercalvinistic type, c. 1845-48.

Henrietta Croker, hymns and occasional verse (some of it printed as broadsides), under the title “Flowers and Fruits from the Heavenly root Or A mite Cast in God’s Treasury. by Mrs Henrietta Croker Wife of William Croker Minister of Zoar Chape[l] Windsor Street Brighton”, 1850-57.

Small packets of letters to Joshua Wilson (1795-1874) from several correspondents, or relating to them, including Mrs Jemima Luke, 1865-66.

Robert Whitaker McAll (1821-93) and Elizabeth Siddall McAll, née Hayward, archives of their Mission among the Working People of Paris; and a family archive of letters and other documents relating to his father, Robert Stephens McAll (1792-1838), and mother, Sarah McAll, 1833-37 and 1858, and to her father, Daniel Burgess Hayward (1798-1874), and mother, Jane Hayward, 1843-68.

Four playful letters, 1880-83, written by Joseph Parker (1830-1902) to Annie Booth Teasdale (1864-1951), only child of Robert Teasdale, J.P., of West Field, Darlington.


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