Congregational Union women

Women’s Studies – Archives of the Congregational Union relating to the history of women within the denomination



  • General Purposes Committee, 1876-1966, more particularly the Minute Book for 1893-1910, pp. 402-404, where can be found a recommendation to admit women as accredited ministers of the denomination


records of the
  • Congregational Pastors’ Widows’ Fund Association, 1871-1960.
  • the Surrey Fund for Widows of Congregational Ministers, 1876-93,continued as the United Counties Fund, 1893-1930.
  • Fen Place: a Home for Retired Congregational Ministers and their Wives, 1952-76 (+ preliminary investigations, 1949-52.)

Men and Women:

records of the

  • Committee re Women’s Work, 1915-22.
  • Women’s Guild, 1922-40.
  • Federation of Congregational Women (Women’s Committee), 1941-66, with letters to Secretaries of County Women’s Committees, 1957-66.
  • Ad Hoc Group on Cooperation of Men and Women, 1962-63.
  • Printed reports and studies on matters concerning women, 1934-62.
  • Printed reports and studies issued by the World Council of Churches, 1948-70.


  • Conference of Headmasters and Headmistresses of the Free Church Schools, 1934-38, preceded by Meeting of the Education Committee together with the Headmasters and Headmistresses, 1934.
  • A file of correspondence kept by John Huxtable1954-62, concerning Milton Mount College, “established in 1871 primarily for the Education of the Daughters of Congregational ministers.”


  • A letter of Katherine M. Horne (wife of Silvester Horne, d. 1914), with correspondence concerning its discovery, 1974.

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