The collections of the Congregational Library are divided into Printed Books and Manuscripts/Archives.
The latter are further divided into three separate categories:

  1. The main body of manuscripts collected by the Library.  A listing of this collection can now be viewed on the National Register of Archives website.
  2. The Archives of the Congregational Union of England and Wales/Congregational Church in England and Wales.
  3. The Archives of the Congregational Memorial Hall Trust.

Some details have been added of manuscripts and archives with a special interest for Women’s Studies. These are divided into:

  1. Manuscripts relating to well-known figures(women with entries in the Dictionary of National Biography or Dictionary of American Biography, or related to someone with an entry therein).
  2. Manuscripts relating to lesser-known figures(anonymous or hitherto neglected).
  3. Archives of the Congregational Union relating to the history of women within the denomination.

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